The future of healthcare is Opyn

Our Transparency in Coverage Rule solution, Opyn Iris, uses the power of transparency to provide members with access to current provider prices, allowing them to compare services and find the care that is best for them.

Here’s how
it works:

Here’s how it works:

Member Selects

Member selects service type and location to find a provider that best fits their needs.

Opyn Iris Solution

Opyn Iris generates a list of matching providers and their individual contract rates for the select specialty/medical need.

Member Chooses

The member contacts one or more providers for their availability and schedules an appointment with the provider that is right for them.

Are you Opyn to:

Payors and their members

Removing uncertainty?

Opyn Iris’s Advanced EOB gives your plan members a detailed summary of what their costs will be before they receive care.

Enabling members to make an informed decision?

Digital provider directory contains accurate provider information, allowing members to compare costs before making a final care decision.

Ensuring compliance with the No Surprises Act (NSA)?

When it comes to the Transparency in Coverage Rule, Opyn Iris is one step ahead of the game. Our platform’s built-in features already deliver compliance for today and beyond.

Customizing your provider settings?

Our intelligent system design and propriety algorithms allow you to prioritize providers based on your preferences, such as those who are most cost-effective, accepting new patients, or offer telemedicine.


Having the power to choose?

With Opyn Iris, you can shop and compare qualified providers through our up-to-date, accurate digital directory, giving you a choice in the provider and services that work best for you.

Knowing what you’ll pay?

Opyn Iris’ Advanced Explanation of Benefits (AEOB) gives you a breakdown of what you’ll pay with each selected provider – including your co-pays, coinsurances, and any other costs – so you know your total out-of-pocket cost before you go.

Saving money on medical care?

When you can compare rates, you can get the lowest price on medical services, even within your current medical plan.

Transparency in healthcare?

Our Opyn Iris platform is based on complete transparency – meaning we hide nothing from you. You can shop and compare services to find what works best for you based on provider preference, cost of services, or provider distance.

The future is Opyn, and the possibilities are endless.

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