Everyone deserves affordable, quality healthcare

We are leading the transparency movement that will give patients the power to choose – between providers, available appointments, and total out-of-pocket cost – before scheduling a procedure.

We achieve this by bringing patients, payors, and providers together in one disruptive platform – Opyn Market®.

Opyn the door to transparency

Opyn Workers’ Compensation

Our workers' compensation solution provides transparency, increased speed to care, and real-time data and insights – all without costly tech investments. We’ve created an open platform where all users are empowered with the tools and information they need to achieve the best outcomes.

Opyn Iris (NSA Solution)

Our NSA solution, Opyn Iris, ensures transparency, compliance, and accuracy in one digital platform. Our Advanced EOB eliminates guesswork by providing a summary of both the plan and the member’s financial obligation with each selected provider, allowing the patient to make an informed decision.

It’s simple. We deliver complete transparency and real-time insights that provide healthcare choices, increase speed to care, and reduce overall costs.

Total transparency

Would you buy a car without knowing the price? Probably not.

But in today’s healthcare system, patients and payors rarely know the price of a procedure until after it has taken place. Providers often don’t know when they’ll be paid, and nobody involved has access to real-time data or insights.

Opyn Market empowers patients, payors, and providers alike, with the tools and information needed to simplify the healthcare experience.

When healthcare is transparent, everyone wins.

Opyn Workers’

Value-based outcomes

Our focus is to deliver value-based outcomes: Injured workers return to work faster, payors lower their overall cost of care, and providers increase their revenue and lower their administrative burden.

Increased speed to care

Faster care is a good thing – for all involved. It often results in faster healing and the ability to return to work more quickly, while reducing total cost of care.

Relationships built on trust

Our digital environment delivers true transparency, which builds trust-based relationships between payors, providers, and injured workers.

No Surprises Act
(Opyn Iris)


Our solution integrates with member co-pays, co-insurance, member eligibility, and plan accumulators, regardless of carrier or PPO network, to deliver greater price and detail accuracy.


Patients can review their out-of-pocket costs for specific procedures, compare costs across multiple providers, and choose the provider that is right for them.


Opyn Iris is a scalable solution that helps you stay compliant with the No Surprises Act both near-term and in the future.

Bringing trust back to healthcare

Lack of transparency, steadily rising costs, and absence of choices have left patients frustrated and unable to trust the healthcare system.

On the administrative side, payors and providers have different and often conflicting goals, leaving no time for relationship-building.

Opyn Market acts as a neutral partner to facilitate positive relationships based on and bound by trust.

Keep the lines of communication Opyn