An Opyn concept

Opyn Market® was born from a simple, yet revolutionary concept. Make healthcare an affordable, shoppable service by bringing transparency and digital transformation to the industry.

It seemed intuitive, but why wasn’t anyone doing it? Instead of continuing to ask that question, we created the solution ourselves.

Today, our transparency solution is changing the way workers’ compensation operates, and we’re leveraging our success in that industry as we expand and transform how we all experience healthcare.

Join the movement

We are leading the transparency movement to make affordable healthcare a reality. With each new partnership we form, more options become available for our subscribers. Join us to keep updated and find out what transparency can do for you!

Our vision

To give everyone access to the affordable, quality healthcare they deserve

Our mission

To offer the most intelligent healthcare marketplace technology that delivers transparency, quality care, and dynamic pricing while reducing expenses for payors, providers, and consumers

The future of healthcare is Opyn

Opyn Market continues to move forward as our products evolve and grow. Keep in touch to see what’s on the horizon.

Working for Opyn

As a company, we believe professional development, open communication, and transparent leadership contribute to a thriving and happy work environment. Our employees are driven, energetic, passionate, and can directly impact the future of healthcare. Our focus is to change how healthcare is accessed and experienced forever and make it affordable for all.

If you’re ready to make an impact on the future of healthcare, we want to meet you!

Benefits of being an
Opyn team member:

Career development

Entrepreneurial environment focused on personal career development

Healthcare benefits

Comprehensive healthcare benefits including medical, dental, and vision coverage

Work environment

Exciting and collaborative work environment where the value of your contribution is recognized and appreciated

Paid time off

Generous paid time off, giving you the opportunity to re-charge and re-engage


Matthew Padden
Brent Matzelle
EVP, Chief Technology Officer
Lou DiGiovine
SVP, Chief Financial Officer
Travis Droupy
SVP, Chief Client Officer
Judy Webb-Fisher
SVP, Chief Product Officer
Jamie Derstine
SVP, Operations
Greg Mast
SVP, Data and Analytics
Deirdre Farrelly
Director, Marketing
Elyse Veni
Talent and Business Administration
Munawar Ali
Chairman of the Board
Eric Hanson
Founder and Chairman Emeritus
David Klein
Ian McBane
Stuart Peterson
Kim Tzoumakas
Steven Z. George PT, PhD, FAPTA
Senator Tom Harkin

Opyn the door to transparency